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What is it?

The OPDS Page Streaming Extension (OPDS-PSE) is an unofficial extension of the Open Distribution Publication System. Its goal is to enrich the OPDS feed with information allowing the client to request a specific page of a document without having to download it completely.

This extension was designed primarily for comic books, to allow reading them on connected devices without having to wait for the book to be completely downloaded.


Recently more applications started implementing the extension, with more features than Ubooquity had.

We decided to bring the OPDS Page Streaming Extension under the umbrella of the Anansi Project, in order to add more features to the specification. We created a GitHub repository to host the different versions of the specification, and to make it an open place for everyone to discuss and contribute.


The original 1.0 specification has been created by Tom for Ubooquity, and can be found at