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What is The Anansi Project?

The Anansi Project is a collection of software initiatives around comics & books.


At the moment, the Anansi Project comprises 3 initiatives:

A bit of history

The Anansi Project was started in August 2020 by gotson, the developer of Komga. The initial aim was to gather feedback and comments around comicbook metadata: the different formats and their limitations, the websites publishing metadata, and start discussing a new metadata model that would address all the griefs from existing solutions.

A lot of feedback was gathered, and a new data model has been drafted, but time being a scarce resource, this is still a work in progress.

In December 2021, following a request by a Komga user to enhance the OPDS feed, gotson decided to make some changes to the OPDS Page Streaming Extension. The 1.0 specification was written in 2014 for Ubooquity, but is now used by many applications. Ubooquity having been dormant for a couple of years, changing the specification would mean publish it somewhere. gotson already had a mirror of the 1.0 specification, in case the original page would suddenly go down. That's when the idea came to bring the OPDS PSE specification under the Anansi Project.

With OPDS PSE under a new home, it was obvious that we should also bring the ComicInfo schema specification under the Anansi Project umbrella too. gotson teamed up with majora2007, the developer of Kavita, to bring all of this together.